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1execute_process(COMMAND svnversion $ENV{IGEP_ROOT}/uav_lib OUTPUT_VARIABLE SVN_REV)
2string(REPLACE "\n" "" SVN_REV ${SVN_REV})
3#set(SVN_REV "svnversion of $ENV{IGEP_ROOT}/uav_lib is ${SVN_REV}")
5file(WRITE svnversion.h.txt "#define SVN_REV \"svnversion of $ENV{IGEP_ROOT}/uav_lib is ${SVN_REV}\\n\"\n")
6# copy the file to the final header only if the version changes
7# reduces needless rebuilds
8execute_process(COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E copy_if_different
9 svnversion.h.txt @CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR@/src/unexported/svnversion.h)
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