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modifs pour template vectors

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1* Actual Version:
3- Vector2D and Vector3D are now templates. Replace all Vector2D to Vector2Df and Vector3D to Vector3Df to keep compatibility.
4- resolved
5- resolved
6- added lib/FlairCore/src/Semaphore.cpp
7- added fixed cameras in simulator, see $FLAIR_ROOT/flair-bin/models/indoor_fligh
8t_arena.xml for an exemple
9- added lib/FlairVisionFilter: some basic vision algorithms using opencv. Note that this lib can be remplaced by HdsVisionFilter if you have access to it, in order to use the DSP in HDS UAV's.
10See also
11- added demos/OpticalFlow: stabilization using optical flow (vertical camera)
12- resolved
13- Uav class is now a singleton
14- VrpnClient class is now a singleton
15- VrpnObject no longer outputs Euler (ony Quaternion): warning, output matrix has changed!
18* Tag 0.0.2:
20- src/SensorActuator: quaternion support for 3dmgx3
21- tool/FlairGCS: added rx rate display
22- demos/SimpleFleet: new demo, 2 UAVs coordination
23- src/FlairSimulator: added fixed camera
26* Tag 0.0.1:
28-original commit
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