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flair::filter::LowPassFilter Class Reference

Class defining a first order low pass filter. More...

#include <LowPassFilter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LowPassFilter (const core::IODevice *parent, const gui::LayoutPosition *position, std::string name, const core::cvmatrix *init_value=NULL)
 Constructor. More...
 ~LowPassFilter ()
 Destructor. More...
float Output (int row, int col) const
 Output value. More...
core::cvmatrixMatrix (void) const
 Output matrix. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from flair::core::IODevice
 IODevice (const Object *parent, std::string name)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~IODevice ()
 Destructor. More...
void AddDeviceToLog (const IODevice *device)
 Add an IODevice to the logs. More...
void AddDataToLog (const io_data *data)
 Add an io_data to the log. More...
void OutputToShMem (bool enabled)
 Send the output to a shared memory. More...
virtual DataType const & GetInputDataType () const
virtual DataType const & GetOutputDataType () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from flair::core::Object
 Object (const Object *parent=NULL, std::string name="", std::string type="")
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Object ()
 Destructor. More...
std::string ObjectName (void) const
 Name. More...
std::string ObjectType (void) const
 Type. More...
const ObjectParent (void) const
 Parent. More...
std::vector< const Object * > * TypeChilds (void) const
 Childs of the same type. More...
std::vector< const Object * > * Childs (void) const
 Childs. More...
void Information (const char *function, int line, const char *format,...) const
 Formatted information. More...
void Warning (const char *function, const char *format,...) const
 Formatted warning. More...
void Error (const char *function, const char *format,...) const
 Formatted error. More...
bool ErrorOccured (bool recursive=true) const
 Has an errror occured? More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from flair::core::Object
enum  color_t { Auto = 0, Red = 31, Green = 32, Orange = 33 }
- Public Attributes inherited from flair::core::IODevice
Time lastUpdate
- Protected Member Functions inherited from flair::core::IODevice
void ProcessUpdate (io_data *data)
 Process the childs of type IODevice, and log if needed. More...

Detailed Description

Class defining a first order low pass filter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

flair::filter::LowPassFilter::LowPassFilter ( const core::IODevice parent,
const gui::LayoutPosition position,
std::string  name,
const core::cvmatrix init_value = NULL 


Construct a LowPassFilter at position.
After calling this function, position will be deleted as it is no longer usefull.
The filter is automatically updated when parent's IODevice::ProcessUpdate is called.
The optional init_value parameters allow to specify the size of the input datas and its inital values. If unspecified, a 1*1 size is used, and values are initialized with 0.

positionposition to display settings
init_valueinitial value
flair::filter::LowPassFilter::~LowPassFilter ( )


Member Function Documentation

float flair::filter::LowPassFilter::Output ( int  row,
int  col 
) const

Output value.

rowrow element
colcolumn element
element value
core::cvmatrix* flair::filter::LowPassFilter::Matrix ( void  ) const

Output matrix.

filtered output