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#38 fixed dualshock3 object is deleted on uav side when connection is lost Bayard Gildas Sanahuja Guillaume

when a connection lost occurs, state machine goes to failsafe and lands the uav. but dualsochock3 object is also deleted, and when state machine tries to read it, a segmentation fault occurs.

#39 fixed url in generated mails are wrong Bayard Gildas Sanahuja Guillaume

when you receive a mail, you get a mail with links like this: Ticket URL: <> Fl-AIR <>

urls are wrong, flair is not in but in is for internal projects is for open source projects (flair and pacpus)

#6 fixed enlever les cmake_codeblocks gcs et ds3 Sanahuja Guillaume Sanahuja Guillaume

ne garder qu'un seul cmake codeblocks, dans flair-dev

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