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flair::meta::SimuX8 Class Reference

Class defining a simulation x8 uav. More...

#include <SimuX8.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for flair::meta::SimuX8:

Public Member Functions

 SimuX8 (std::string name, uint32_t simu_id=0, std::string options="", filter::UavMultiplex *multiplex=NULL)
void StartSensors (void)
virtual std::string GetType (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from flair::meta::Uav
 Uav (std::string name, filter::UavMultiplex *multiplex=NULL)
void UseDefaultPlot (void)
actuator::BldcGetBldc (void) const
filter::UavMultiplexGetUavMultiplex (void) const
sensor::ImuGetImu (void) const
filter::AhrsGetAhrs (void) const
MetaUsRangeFinderGetMetaUsRangeFinder (void) const
sensor::UsRangeFinderGetUsRangeFinder (void) const
sensor::BatteryMonitorGetBatteryMonitor (void) const
sensor::CameraGetVerticalCamera (void) const
sensor::CameraGetHorizontalCamera (void) const
sensor::NmeaGpsGetGps (void) const
sensor::PressureSensorGetPressureSensor (void) const
virtual std::string GetDefaultVrpnAddress (void) const
virtual bool isReadyToFly (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from flair::core::Object
 Object (const Object *parent=NULL, std::string name="", std::string type="")
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Object ()
 Destructor. More...
std::string ObjectName (void) const
 Name. More...
std::string ObjectType (void) const
 Type. More...
const ObjectParent (void) const
 Parent. More...
std::vector< const Object * > * TypeChilds (void) const
 Childs of the same type. More...
std::vector< const Object * > * Childs (void) const
 Childs. More...
void Information (const char *function, int line, const char *format,...) const
 Formatted information. More...
void Warning (const char *function, const char *format,...) const
 Formatted warning. More...
void Error (const char *function, const char *format,...) const
 Formatted error. More...
bool ErrorOccured (bool recursive=true) const
 Has an errror occured? More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from flair::core::Object
enum  color_t { Auto = 0, Red = 31, Green = 32, Orange = 33 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from flair::meta::Uav
void SetBldc (const actuator::Bldc *bldc)
void SetMultiplex (const filter::UavMultiplex *multiplex)
void SetAhrs (const filter::Ahrs *ahrs)
void SetUsRangeFinder (const sensor::UsRangeFinder *us)
void SetBatteryMonitor (const sensor::BatteryMonitor *battery)
void SetVerticalCamera (const sensor::Camera *verticalCamera)
void SetHorizontalCamera (const sensor::Camera *verticalCamera)
void SetGps (const sensor::NmeaGps *gps)
void SetPressureSensor (const sensor::PressureSensor *pressureSensor)

Detailed Description

Class defining a simulation x8 uav.