Framework Libre Air
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cflair::core::cvmatrix_descriptorClass describing cvmatrix elements, for log and graphs purpose
 Cflair::simulator::DiscreteTimeVariable< T, size >
 Cflair::simulator::DiscreteTimeVariable< flair::simulator::Model::simu_state, 3 >
 Cflair::core::EulerClass defining euler angles
 Cflair::sensor::SimuCameraGLClass for a simulation camera
 Cflair::gui::LayoutPositionClass to define a position in a layout on the ground station
 Cflair::core::ObjectBase class for all Framework's classes
 Cflair::core::ConnectedSocketInterface class encapsulating a connected socket. Preserves packets order and guaranty delivery
 Cflair::core::FrameworkManagerMain class of the Framework library
 Cflair::core::IODataElementAbstract class for accessing an element of an io_data
 Cflair::core::IODeviceAbstract class for input/ouput system
 Cflair::core::MutexClass defining a mutex
 Cflair::core::SemaphoreClass defining a semaphore
 Cflair::core::SerialPortBase class for serial port
 Cflair::core::SharedMemClass defining a shared memory
 Cflair::core::ThreadAbstract class for a thread
 Cflair::core::UdpSocketClass encapsulating a UDP socket. It assumes packets are coming from only one distant host on a given port
 Cflair::gui::WidgetAbstract class for all Framework's widget classes
 Cflair::meta::MetaUsRangeFinderClasse haut niveau pour capteur à ultra son
 Cflair::meta::UavBase class to construct sensors/actuators depending on uav type. The Object is created with the FrameworkManager as parent. FrameworkManager must be created before. Only one instance of this class is allowed by program
 Cflair::core::QuaternionClass defining a quaternion
 Cflair::core::RotationMatrixClass defining a rotation matrix
 Cflair::sensor::SimuCameraGLClass for a simulation camera
 Cflair::sensor::SimuUsGLClass for a simulation us
 Cflair::core::Vector2D< T >Class defining a 2D vector
 Cflair::core::Vector3D< T >Class defining a 3D vector
 Cflair::core::Vector3DdataClass defining a 3D vector and a io_data User must manually use the io_data's Mutex to access to Vector3D values
 Cflair::core::Vector3D< double >
 Cflair::core::Vector3D< float >