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Various cmake modules are used by the flair build system. They are located in flair-dev.

You will find some explanations of what they do here. But the best way to understand them is to read them!

Cmake modules


Retrieves the arch name from the toolchain file (toolchain.cmake). It is used to install files in the correct folders, and to check if a lib, demo or tool is compatible with a specific architecture or not.

It also checks if host architecture is i686, as it is not supported.


Defines some cmake functions to have colored messages.


Find xenomai lib and defines some variables useful for cmake.


reimplements some cmake built in functions to add extra functionalities

  • ADD_EXECUTABLE: check if $HOME/.ssh/config have some hosts defined (see here). In this case add a custom_target to cmake, to copy the executable with ssh. The custom target is called delivery_root_ADDRESS_PATH, with address the target address and path the destination path.


used by demos/tools, it helps adding include dirs and libraries for programs using flair

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