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    1212If it is the first time you execute this script, you must answer yes to the question ''Compile all from scratch''. This will create every projects using cmake.
     14= Compilation en mode debug =
     16If you have to debug surprising segfaults (you know what I mean, do you? :D ) you will need to compile your code in debug mode (see below).
     17Then you'll have to activate the core dump generation with
     19$ ulimit -c unlimited
     21Then when your program crashes, it will generate a "core" file. Use gdb with your binary as the first parameter (again, compiled in debug mode) and the core file as the second parameter.
     22It should load your program symbols. Then the "bt" command will show the backtrace, which is the sequence of function calls that resulted in the crash, allowing you to know exactly where is the problem.
     24== Full framework ==
     25If you want to debug the framework itself, you may find beneficial to compile the full framework in debug mode you need to edit the file
     27$ /opt/robomap3/<version>/<arch>/toochain.cmake
     29and add "-g -O0" to the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS variable. As of this writing, and for an x86 architecture, the file to edit is "/opt/robomap3/2.1.3/core2-64/toolchain.cmake".