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     3__NOTE__: For Flair version <= 0.2.1, see [wiki:sinus_old this page].
     5= Flair SVN repositories =
     7== Repositories structure ==
     9Repositories have the following structure:
     11root of repository
     12 | -> tags
     13    | -> latest
     14    | -> 1.0
     15    | -> 1.1
     16    | -> 2.0
     17    | -> ...
     18 | -> trunk
     19 | -> branches
     20    | -> testing
     21    | -> ...
     24* ''tags'' are stable versions of the repository. These versions are fixed and supposed to be functional; you do not have to issue a ''commit'' on ''tags''. The ''latest'' ''tag'' is a copy of the last version.
     26* ''trunk'' is the current version, still in development. When its state is judged stable, a copy of it is done in the ''tags''.
     28* ''branches'' are for parallel development; working on it does not interfere with the ''trunk''. Branches can rejoin the ''trunk''.
     31* '''Normal users are not allowed to write (through commits) in the tags. Do not modify files in this folder, changes could be lost (at least they will not be versionned). If you need to modify files, you have to copy it in another place and work on the copy.'''
     33* At the root of each repository there is a file called ''Version'', with the current version number
     35* In this documentation, it is often indicated to use ''tags/latest'' version of a repository; yet it is possible to use the ''trunk'' (or even a branch) by replacing ''tags/latest'' with ''trunk'' (or with ''branches/branch_name'') in the repository address. Thus you can develop without changing ''tags''.
     37== [source:flair-src flair-src] repository ==
     39The sources of Fl-AIR stuffs; its URL is
     41It is organized as follows:
     42* [source:flair-src/tags/latest/demos demos]: demos using Fl-AIR
     43* [source:flair-src/tags/latest/lib lib]: FL-AIR libraries sources
     44* [source:flair-src/tags/latest/tools tools]: FL-AIR tools sources (ground control station, etc)
     45* [source:flair-src/tags/latest/cmake-modules cmake-modules]: modules for cmake
     46* [source:flair-src/tags/latest/models models]: models used by Fl-AIR simulator
     47* [source:flair-src/tags/latest/scripts scripts]: scripts for developing with Fl-AIR
     49== flair-hds repository ==
     51Some additional software is available for Heudiasyc users only. This software is not included in flair repositories because of license incompatibility with flair.
     53flair-hds repository is organised as flair-dev, flair-bin and flair-src repositories. It contains the following directories:
     55* src: the sources
     56* bin: some compiled libraries, sources are not include in this repo (mainly for DSP)
     57* dev: some header files (mainly for DSP)