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This page give solutions to common issues.

When you have an issue, please first check that you have done all the necessary steps to have a functional environment:

problem executing a tool

If you receive a message like No such file or directory when executing FlairGCS, try recompiling all like described here.

It can be a problem of a toolchain installed in a different location from the one who compiled the tools.

graphical problem with the simulator

  • verify if your graphic drivers are well installed for the toolchain, see here.
  • check if /dev/shm is clean. It should not contain files like sem.simu_* or simu_*. The files are shared memories between control and simulation part; they should be destroyed when all programs are closed. You can safely remove it manually if not.
  • if problem is still present, make a new ticket describing your problem and the output message of the simulator.

problem when updating the repositories

If you have changed something on the versioned files and if these changes are not committed, you will have a conflict when updating these files (with svn up command). This can occur when you recompiled all stuffs.

So be sure that you get the version of the files from the server when you update the repositories by answering tf to the conflict question. Otherwise, you will stay with the older versions. In doubt you can erase your local repositories and checkout them again, but be sure not to erase your personal work. Another solution is to compile all again after the update.

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