Additional software for Heudiasyc users

Some additional software is available for Heudiasyc users only. If you are wondering if you are a Heudiasyc user, it is certainly because your are not one!

This software is not included in flair repositories because of license incompatibility with flair:

  • library for Ardrone2, because it contains GPL code that need to be rewritten
  • library for Bebop, because it contains GPL code that need to be rewritten
  • vision library using the DSP of the DM3730, which is proprietary (Heudiasyc)

To get the sources (login required):

$ svn co flair-hds

If it you do not have access, ask to Gildas Bayard.

For developers, you can also sync the trunk, as explained here.

flair-hds repository is organised as flair-dev, flair-bin and flair-src repositories. It contains the following directories:

  • src: the sources
  • bin: all necessary files to develop applications with flair-hds libs
  • dev: binaries

Note that scripts in flair-dev/cmake-modules and flair-dev/scripts will check the presence of a directory called flair-hds in $FLAIR_ROOT. If it is detected, flair-hds sources will be compiled by the script (see this page), and the ardrone2 library will be used by FlairUseFile.cmake. Thus support for the ardrone2 will be added to all demos and programs having the following lines in their CMakeLists.txt:


Heudiasyc users demos

This section describes all the extra demonstration only available for Heudiasyc users.

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