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resolve bug with udp broadcast

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[33]1* Actual Version:
[387]3- resolved bug with UdpSocket broadcast
6* Tag 0.3.1:
[380]8- added preliminary support for ugv and parrot sumo
11* Tag 0.3:
[302]13- new build system, now out of source; binaries are no longer provided in repositories
[282]14- corrected a bug with vrpn delta time calculation
[314]15- const TargetController *UavStateMachine::GetJoystick as been replaced by const TargetController *UavStateMachine::GetTargetController
16- new method MetaDualShock3 *UavStateMachine::GetJoystick
[318]17- completely removed cvmatrix
18- replaced cvmatrix_descriptor by MatrixDescriptor
[355]19- completely removed dependency with opencv 1.1
23* Tag 0.2.0:
[214]25- replaced cvmatrix by Matrix
26- added a timeout on SimuBldc: if nothing is sent within the timeout, motors will stop
[220]27- added pressure sensor
[237]28- file_ui com is only created when sending logs from uav to gcs (reduce overall data exchange between the 2)
29- resolved
[256]30- added a saturation to EulerDerivative: saturate in case of numerical problems
33* Tag 0.1.2:
[188]35- added GPS to the UAVs, add "use_gps=true" to the UAV creation (see demos/Gps/uav/src/main.cpp)
36- corrected bug: FrameworkManager::SetupConnection now really uses the timeout parameter
37- added RotationType_t to OneAxisRotation constructor. It should handle pre and post rotation (frame changes and embdedd sensor rotation). Still need to be heavily tested and maybe rewritten
38- Gx3_25_imu: quaternion are better handled (no more discontinuities)
39- added logs of imu among logs of ahrs
42* Tag 0.1.0:
[180]44- added GSA nmea sentence
[176]45- resolved
[167]46- Vector2D and Vector3D are now templates. Replace all Vector2D to Vector2Df and Vector3D to Vector3Df to keep compatibility.
[148]47- resolved
[147]48- resolved
[124]49- added lib/FlairCore/src/Semaphore.cpp
[121]50- added fixed cameras in simulator, see $FLAIR_ROOT/flair-bin/models/indoor_fligh
51t_arena.xml for an exemple
[122]52- added lib/FlairVisionFilter: some basic vision algorithms using opencv. Note that this lib can be remplaced by HdsVisionFilter if you have access to it, in order to use the DSP in HDS UAV's.
53See also
54- added demos/OpticalFlow: stabilization using optical flow (vertical camera)
[133]55- resolved
[122]56- Uav class is now a singleton
57- VrpnClient class is now a singleton
[186]58- VrpnObject no longer outputs Euler (only Quaternion): warning, output matrix has changed!
61* Tag 0.0.2:
63- src/SensorActuator: quaternion support for 3dmgx3
[33]64- tool/FlairGCS: added rx rate display
65- demos/SimpleFleet: new demo, 2 UAVs coordination
[107]66- src/FlairSimulator: added fixed camera
69* Tag 0.0.1:
71-original commit
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