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Fl-AIR - Framework libre AIR

Fl-AIR is a framework written in C++ that aims at helping the development of applications for robots, and more specially for UAVs. It is licensed under ‚ÄčCecill-C license.

WARNING: version 0.1.2 has a bug with ardrone2 magnetometers. AHRS estimation is not good. Set km[i]=0 in imu tab of ground station to disable magnetometers. Ask to Guillaume if necessary.

WARNING: version 0.1.0 has a bug with VRPN rotation. Please use version 0.1.1 or latest.

WARNING: version 0.0.1 has a bug with HdsX8. Version 0.0.1 has also a problem with ubuntu 16.4 (cmake). Please use version 0.0.2 or latest.



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